Koloman Moser was born on the 30th of March in 1868 in Vienna. He visited the commercial school and took drawing lessons at the industrial school too. Although his father had an employment as sales assistant in mind Moser tried to get a place to study at the Academy of fine Art in Vienna. He became a student of Franz Rumpler, Christian Griepenkerl and Matthias von Trenkwald. After his father’s death and due to the financial situation he began to work paralleling as an illustrator and thought the children in drawing skills of the archduke Carl Ludwig at the castle Wartholz.

In 1897 he was one of the founders of the Secession and was in charge of the magazine “Ver Sacrum”. Three years later he was nominated as a professor for decorating drawing and painting in the school of arts and crafts. Together with Josef Hoffmann and the banker Fritz Wärndorfer he founded in 1903 the so called “Wiener Werkstätte” (Vienna Workshop). The aim of the “Wiener Werkstätte” was to support arts and crafts. After withdrawing as well from the Secession as from the Wiener Werkstätte he began from 1907 to paint intensively. After suffering from a laryngeal-disease he died in 1918. His designs for ceramics and porcelain, metal and glass works, jewelry, textiles and furniture are still in our minds.

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